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Customer Testimonials:

I received my purchase from D'or Noir Beauty!!! Affordable everyday beauy products delivered right to your doorstep! Packaged securely and received timely!!!
Thank you! I love you!

#regularsupporter #supportblackownedbusinesses

Jermita D.

The consultation with Sharon from D'or Noir helped me to identify products that most fit my hair needs as my hair has been extremely dry and brittle, especially throughout the winter months. Sharon exceeded my expectations by not only personalizing a routine that I can manage on my own, but she also hand delivered the products. I would definitely recommend D'or Noir's services.

Liz C.

The love for hair and hair care was very obvious! The knowledge of the products that D'or Noir Beauty supplies exudes in their consultations.
Very happy with the products, and privileged to shop with a black owned supplier for once. Many thanks!