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The Mane Choice Do It "Fro" The Culture Bold Buttery Gel

The Mane Choice Do It "Fro" The Culture Bold Buttery Gel

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Mane Choice Do It "Fro" The Culture Bold Buttery Gel and Bold Buttery

Do It 'FRO" The Culture Untouchable Definition & Unmatched Volume Bold Buttery Gel is the best of both worlds! Nourishes & moisturizes like a butter and controls like a gel. This BOLD combination supplies wash and gos, twists and braids with the perfect balance of amazing definition and volume without the excess weight. Created to promote a natural, healthy shine. 


  • Rich, light buttery texture provides soft hold & shine
  • Softens, adds moisture & tames frizz
  • Promotes a natural, healthy shine
  • Gentle enough for daily use


Do It "FRO" The Culture Collection, For ICONIC, REVOLUTIONARY, BOLD afro-textured hair is powered by Black Charcoal & Black Cumin to remove impurities, allowing nutrients & moisture into the hair---encouraging true texture to blossom. Packed with antioxidants to provide stronger feeling hair and protect it from the elements. Rich in nutrients to nourish hair & scalp and give hair the freedom to be unapologetically defined, voluminous, and beautiful! 


Directions: Apply to clean, wet or damp hair in sections. Apply gel sparingly from roots to ends to set desired style. Air dry or for faster drying, sit under a dryer or blow dry. For best results, use as a styling gel for wash n go, twist-outs, and braid-outs.